About II-VI Optical Systems

II-VI Optical Systems brings together several leading optical brands (including LightWorks Optical Systems and Exotic Electro-Optics) under the II-VI Inc. corporate brand.  Our expanding and extensive capabilities cover a wide range of products and applications, including high precision optical assemblies, objectives, infrared optics, thin film coatings and optical materials.   As a vertically integrated provider, II-VI Optical Systems is uniquely positioned to meet the critical and complex design, engineering, and production requirements of customers in the medical, defense, aerospace and commercial industries.   From concept design development though production, we closely collaborate with our customers to integrate the design and manufacture of optical systems and components that consistently exceed expectations on the most demanding projects.  The photonic applications may be diverse, but all II-VI Optical Systems' products share a common focus on rapid development, excellent value, and high performance.

About II-VI Optical Systems

 II-VI Optical Systems' designs, manufactures, assembles and tests precision optical systems and components. Our products have been deployed on military platforms such as submarines, tanks, missiles, fighter jets and UAV’s.  II-VI Optical Systems has grown over the years from a provider of specialty optical materials to a full service provider of optical components and optical systems.

Since its establishment in 1961, II-VI Optical Systems has maintained a commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is achieved by continuous training of our staff with focus on quality, on-time delivery, and cost reduction. From the initial customer inquiry to final delivery, meeting the customer's requirements is our primary objective.

II-VI Optical Systems' contributions begin during a program's conceptual and production design phases. Engineering and pre-production models are developed during these phases with a focus on product performance and cost effectiveness. Through the life of the program, II-VI Optical Systems' comprehensive capabilities provide full control over product quality, cost and schedule.

Timeline Summary

  • 1961 Exotic Materials, Inc. founded by Wally Loucks, providing silicon material for defense applications 
  • 1971 II-VI, Inc. founded by Dr. Carl Johnson and James Hawkey with focus on providing optical grade CdTe to market place 
  • 1972 Exotic grows and fabricates silicon domes for the Falcon Missile 
  • 1997 LightWorks Optics founded
  • 1998 Exotic Electro-Optics acquired by Laser Power Optics 
  • 2000 Laser Power Optics / Exotic Electro-Optics acquired by II-VI, Inc. 
  • 2001 Exotic Electro-Optics introduces Sapphire product line
  • 2012 LightWorks Optics acquired by II-VI, Inc.
  • 2013 LightWorks Optics and Exotic Electro-Optics merge; company renamed LightWorks Optical Systems
  • 2014 LightWorks Optical Systems Announces New Name as II-VI Optical Systems

A History of Excellence

Since its inception, II-VI Optical Systems has set the standard of excellence in integrated optical systems - on the cornerstone of four basic principles: precision, performance, pride of ownership, and partnerships.

Our precision engineering and manufacturing capabilities are second to none. We have the optical assembly expertise to define a problem and the innovative technology to develop a solution that meets specifications and often exceeds expectations. Moreover, our integrated approach from design through production of optical systems is a seamless process that yields a virtually flawless product.

Our performance record speaks for itself: an unprecedented on-time delivery record and 99% quality satisfaction-claims that no other provider in our industry can make. It’s no wonder we are a preferred provider for Lockheed Martin, and have performed time and again in critical defense areas where keeping the peace means peace of mind for our customers.  How do we do it? We have some of the finest scientists, engineers, and technicians in the world.

Finally, this true sense of teamwork extends to our relationships with customers, in partnerships where we become an extension of our customers-collaborative, flexible, and able to deliver on time and on budget, all the time.

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