LightWorks Optics, Inc. has been acquired by II-VI Incorporated

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Katherine Mansfield


LightWorks Optics, Inc., a leading provider of precision optical assemblies, systems and components, has been acquired by II-VI Incorporated, a global leader in engineered materials and optoelectronic components, and will merge operations with Exotic Electro- Optics (EEO), a division of II-VI. EEO is a leading supplier of state-of-the-art optics, coatings and assemblies for aerospace, defense, medical and commercial markets.

Francis J. Kramer, president and chief executive officer of II-VI Incorporated, stated, “We are excited about the acquisition of LightWorks and anticipate a unique partnership with our EEO business unit which is also based in CA. LightWorks is a premier supplier of a wide-array of advanced optical systems currently deployed across a host of critical defense, aerospace, and commercial applications, and will further strengthen our relationships with customers by broadening our portfolio and expanding our product offering. We are eager to work cooperatively with the talented team of employees from LWO and welcome them to II-VI.”

Daniel Barber, president of LWO, commented, “LightWorks’ expertise in the engineering design and manufacturing of complete optical subsystems is a logical market extension for EEO. The optical system designs we create involve engineering and manufacturing expertise similar to those possessed by EEO, and will extend the range of solutions the combined companies offer to the marketplace. Not only do our companies offer complementary technology and a shared vision, we both have cultures committed to customer closeness, technical excellence and high levels of employee involvement and participation. We believe that together we can provide substantial value to our current customers as well as to the growing commercial markets for precision optical assemblies.”

LightWorks looks forward to providing continued excellence to their clients with their expanded capabilities and services.

For more information about LightWorks Optics, Inc. and the full range of services and capabilities, please call 714-247-7175 or visit

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