Coating Capabilities

II-VI Optical Systems is a recognized leader in the application of visible and infrared thin film coatings for a wide variety of substrate materials.

Coatings offered:

  • Durable Anti-Reflection (AR)
  • High-efficiency AR
  • Thorium-free AR
  • Conductive ITO
  • Diamond-like hard carbon (DLC)
  • Band-pass filters
  • Spectral broadband filters
  • Beam splitters

II-VI Optical Systems' coatings have been proven to withstand a variety of hostile environmental conditions such as severe abrasion, including the windshield wiper test, salt-water submersion, rain erosion, missile exhaust, humidity, and salt fog. Most of these tests are performed in-house.

II-VI Optical Systems' highly skilled optical thin film coating engineers design advanced coatings to meet our customers’ demanding specifications for next generation visible and infrared imaging systems, aircraft applications, and commercial products.

II-VI Optical Systems' Standard Coatings:

Coating Technologies

II-VI Optical Systems has various coating technologies in the UV, Visible, NIR or IR wavelengths to achieve demanding customer specifications for laser quality optics. II-VI Optical Systems’s coating engineering team has 100+ years of experience in the Optics field. All coating is conducted in a clean room environment. High LDT results are a key output of II-VI Optical Systems’s coatings – and II-VI Optical Systems’s commitment to this includes and in-house Laser Damage testing capability.

Electron Beam Deposition

II-VI Optical Systems utilizes Ebeam deposition in conjunction with double rotation planetaries to achieve uniformity within a batch, and process controls to ensure batch to batch repeatability. Multiple material sets are available to meet design requirements.

Ion Assisted Electron Beam Deposition

Starting with a base of the Ebeam Deposition framework, the additional Ion gun allows for a densification of the traditional Ebeam coatings – reducing wet/dry shift and enhancing durability characteristics.

Ion Beam Sputtering (IBS)

II-VI Optical Systems utilizes Veeco equipment to produce high-quality, low-scatter laser optics. IBS coating technology is highly repeatable from batch to batch, and the systems contain the highest level of automated deposition control. Through proprietary processing, II-VI Optical Systems is able to achieve high LDT on these dense IBS coatings.

IR Coatings

II-VI Optical Systems deposits IR materials using Ebeam technology with a planetary rotation. The typical IR band II-VI Optical Systems coats is 3-5 microns.
II-VI Optical Systems utilizes coating materials that allows II-VI Optical Systems to meet specifications, with or without radioactive constituents.


II-VI Optical Systems utilizes Ebeam technology with layer thickness control to evaporate metals to meet demanding specifications for multi-layer metal coatings. Proprietary metrology has been developed to ensure compliance of layer thickness specifications. Depending on the specification, II-VI Optical Systems has developed tooling approaches to meet varying levels of pattern coating demands.

Thoriated Coatings

On occasions it is necessary to utilize Thorium Fouride in a coating.  While we strive to avoid its use,  we will use it if requested and/or approved by a customer for a special purpose.  Because we retain this capability for special circumstances,  we are also able to offer Thorium remediation of old optics containing such coatings.  To request further information click here