II-VI Optical Systems is a leading manufacturer of visible and IR optical components. Manufacturing processes include: CNC milling, spherical generating, fine grinding, CNC spherical and aspheric polishing, edging, and single point diamond turning. The techniques used for these operations range from high-speed automated production to meticulous hand finishing by master opticians.

II-VI Optical Systems utilizes 5-axis CNC milling capability to provide custom, multi-dimensional shapes of fabricated optical components for integration into custom frames and shroud sub-assemblies. Our inventory of standard and custom diamond tools provides capability to shape all glass and crystal materials.

Materials processed include:

  • Aluminum
  • AMTIR™
  • Barium Fluoride
  • Calcium fluoride
  • Gallium Arsenide
  • Germanium
  • IG2-IG6 materials
  • Sapphire
  • Silicon
  • Silicon Carbide
  • Spinel
  • Transparent ceramic materials
  • Zinc selenide
  • Zinc sulfide
  • Zinc sulfide MultiSpectral
  • All visible glass types
  • Various other infrared crystals

II-VI Optical Systems employs numerous technologies to manufacture optics to demanding customer specifications on a wide range of glasses, crystals and materials. Technologies range from conventional fabrication to state-of-the-art CNC technologies. II-VI Optical Systems has the capability for shaping optics from raw boules or crystals through coating and finishing. Standard dimensions range from 1.0mm – 100.0mm optics (larger diameters available upon review).

II-VI Optical Systems’s Fabrication Technologies include:

CNC Generating and Polishing Equipment

II-VI Optical Systems utilizes various Schneider and Satisloh equipment for precision CNC generating and polishing of various optics such as Aspheres, micro lenses, and other radius optics

MRF Finishing

II-VI Optical Systems employs state of the art Raster and Rotational MRF equipment to improve and correct finishing; thus allowing for improved figure, surface quality and TWF specs up to 1/100 wave.

Diamond Turning

II-VI Optical Systems’s Precitech diamond turning equipment can be used on a variety of IR materials to manufacture various Aspheric and complex lens configurations.

Standard Polishing Equipment

II-VI Optical Systems’s also manufactures optics on a variety of spindle polishers, double-sided polishers, and various sized planetary polishers. In addition, II-VI Optical Systems has extensive capability for hand finishing of unique crystals.