Material Growth

II-VI Optical Systems and its parent company, II-VI, Inc., are industry leaders in production of infrared optical crystals and other specialty materials. II-VI Optical Systems is one of the foremost manufacturers of germanium products for military infrared applications. Our sister division in Saxonburg, Pennsylvania, II-VI Infrared, is a leading producer of zinc selenide, zinc sulfide, and Multi-Spectral zinc sulfide materials. Our location in Richey, Florida is a leading producer of YAG laser materials.

Strategic Materials Foundry

The II-VI Optical Systems Strategic Materials Foundry produces a wide variety of materials with unparalleled quality that are utilized in a broad range of applications. With an experienced staff of material scientists, physicists, process engineers and operations personnel, the Foundry is able to deliver dependable products in volume as well as develop new materials to support emerging applications. II-VI Optical Systems assures that each crystal will perform to customer specifications and maintains traceability on all materials produced from the raw powders to the finished laser components.

Growth Capabilities

material-growth-2.jpgVarious growth techniques such as Czochralski (CZ) , Bridgeman, Solution and Top Seeded are utilized to grow a wide array of materials. II-VI Optical Systems has over 70 growth stations and a focused Foundry team that enable II-VI Optical Systems to grow the finest crystals in the world.

II-VI Optical Systems produces polycrystalline germanium optical blanks up to 18 inches in diameter.

Germanium material grown by II-VI Optical Systems features:

  • Tightly controlled resistivity with overall values ranging from 3-40 ohms-cm.
  • Custom grown and near-net shapes for domes and irregular windows to minimize material fabrication costs.

II-VI Optical Systems' engineers are experienced with a wide range of optical materials for infrared and visible applications. We can provide assistance in the selection of the material best suited to meet your requirements. Contact us to support your product needs.

II-VI Optical Systems has an internal process for recycling germanium scrap.  See Ge Recycling.   II-VI Optical Systems grows germanium crystals to support the IR products we produce. We have the radioactive certifications to handle throiated coatings at our site. II-VI Optical Systems is experienced in this area as we deposit thoriated and non-throriated coatings into IR windows. We are compliant with the proper disposal methods to maintain our certificates and are experienced in our recycling process. We maintain our ISO 9001-2008 + AS9100C certifications which are necessary for consistent and repeatable procedures.

Metrology Capabilities

Accurate fluorescence lifetime testing, precision Nd concentration measurement, broad-band transmission spectroscopy and active laser testing assures that each crystal will meet or exceed customer specifications.


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