Medical Technology

At II-VI Optical Systems, we have continued to increase our presence in the medical technology area since our founding, applying precision space and defense technology to medical devices where that precision can lead to better diagnostic and therapeutic outcomes.

II-VI Optical Systems’ offerings fit anywhere in the medical technology arena where complex optical systems are needed. This includes monitoring sensors; clinical, laboratory, and point-of-care diagnostics; lasers, ophthalmoscopes, and ophthalmic surgical microscopes; from gastrointestinal endoscopes and arthroscopic devices to flow cytometry and surgical robots.

Medical and bioscience companies can count on II-VI Optical Systems for unsurpassed precision and accuracy in developing integrated optical systems for these and other applications.

Furthermore, II-VI Optical Systems has developed a novel technology, known as iCell (Download PDF Article), which integrates pulsed laser microbeam irradiation and polymer microdevices. It is expected to lead to a greater understanding of cellular behavior and disease progression and be an important process in medical research and in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Automated systems such as iCell will significantly speed the drug discovery and development process and help reduce healthcare costs over time.

In addition to developing advanced systems for burgeoning medical applications, II-VI Optical Systems also has scalable production capabilities to meet volume needs. For instance, II-VI Optical Systems was able to ramp up the production of a flow cytometry device (for blood analyses) to 50 per week in less than two months, fully satisfying a customer’s extremely pressing time constraints.