II-VI Optical Systems' extensive heritage in developing and delivering space products has enabled us to design and deliver optical components and assemblies for a wide variety of NASA platforms and missions, including: the Mars descent camera, Mars Rover optics, Mars High Resolution Optics, the Deep Impact Program, the Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX), the COMS weather and communications satellite, and space-based laser communications systems.

We also recently delivered the WFOV and NFOV optical systems for the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, launched in June 2009. And we developed the large high-precision lens assembly for the Geosynchronous Lightning Mapper (GLM), delivered in 2010.

At II-VI Optical Systems, we can identify and establish your critical optical system requirements, then deploy our rigorous analytical, assembly, and measurement capabilities to ensure the highest quality, best-fit solution possible.

II-VI Optical Systems Awards and Recognition:

  • 2002 Ball Aerospace Product Excellence Award - Deep Impact Telescope Program
  • 2002 Northrop Grumman Product Excellence Award - Low Power Optical Train (LPOT)
  • 2000 TRW US Small Business Award - Radiometric Optical Mechanical System (ROMS)
  • 1998 Northrop Grumman Product Excellence Award - OrbView Collimator