Ceramic Patterns for Radomes


High Temperature Ceramic Patterns for Radomes & Antennas


II-VI Optical Systems has developed proprietary techniques to coat and pattern high temperature materials for high-speed radome applications. Our proprietary disruptive patterning technology is the result of continuous collaborative development efforts with DoD agencies.


  • Ultra-Precision  Conformal 3D Patterning
  • High Temperature Solutions > 1000˚C
  • Radomes with Frequency Selective Surface Patterning
  • Large Format EMI Shielded Antennas
  • Custom RF & Pattern Layout Design Optimization
  • Conductive Patterns and Conformal coatings on Internal & External surfaces
  • Diverse Material Systems including CMCs
  • Leading Technology, High Resolution, Seamless, Scalable, Proven

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Max Levy Autograph has been part of II-VI Optical Systems since 2014.

For Military program opportunities, please contact us at Tel: (215) 842-3675

or Email: Jennifer.Lehman@II-VI.com


Additional Military patterning capabilities include:

  • EMI/RF shielding for High Transmission Optical Windows & Domes
  • Boresight/Riflescope Reticles for EO/IR applications using edge-illumination
  • Low Observable solutions using large format Flexible Films for airborne platforms