II-VI Optical Systems provides Repair and Refurbishment services to government agencies and their prime contractors for legacy equipment in need of repair from the field.

Significant cost savings can be attained by repairing or re-manufacturing infrared windows and domes for infrared imaging and guidance systems. Many of these systems are subject to severe environments such as rain erosion, salt water submersion, sand and rain abrasion, and debris from rotor-aircraft. The optical coatings and surface finish of the optics may be damaged, but the substrate materials and frames can often be refurbished to meet all original equipment specifications. This capability provides a cost-effective benefit by returning damaged products to an operational condition.

II-VI Optical Systems is certified to safely remove and dispose of low level radioactive waste associated with Thorium coatings. Customers also benefit from II-VI Optical Systems' ability to reclaim scrap germanium materials and reuse them in the same products or other products.