Windows, Mirrors & Components

II-VI Optical Systems is a leader in providing the aerospace and defense industry with critical infrared, multi-spectral, and visible windows and optical components.

Windows and optical components are fabricated from less than 1" to greater than 24" sizes, in on-axis and off-axis configurations, and in both spherical and aspheric profiles.

Defense aircraft navigation, targeting, reconnaissance & surveillance, and FLIR applications are a few areas where you will find our technology. II-VI Optical Systems' products are typically assembled into a structural housing or shroud where electrical grounding or connectivity is required to facilitate EMI shielding or heating for anti-ice/anti-fog requirements.

Optical materials for windows produced at II-VI Optical Systems include but are not limited to: AMTIR™, germanium, IG2-6, sapphire, spinel, silicon, transparent ceramic materials, zinc selenide, zinc sulfide, and Multi-Spectral zinc sulfide, with custom shapes, coatings, and assembly into next level shrouds, as required.

II-VI Optical Systems has the capability to produce Germanium (Ge) and Silicon Carbide (SiC) mirrors and optical assemblies.