Complex Assemblies

Aspheric and High Complexity Components

II-VI Optical Systems entered the complex aspheric components manufacturing market several years ago as a production enabler for some of the world’s most sophisticated telescope assemblies.

Among our full range of precision manufacturing solutions, we offer a computer-controlled deterministic polishing process to fabricate high precision aspheric components. We have the advanced technologies needed to produce very steep aspheric components in a wide variety of materials. Combining this with our high-precision metrology, allows us to achieve superb results for virtually every application.

II-VI Optical Systems' cutting-edge aspheric manufacturing capabilities include:

  • Glass and metal components
  • No parent required manufacturing - polish directly from off-axis blanks
  • Thousands of waves of spherical departure
  • On and off-axis designs
  • Excellent surface figure
  • Capacity up to 400 mm diameter
  • Multiple Zeeko machines for high throughput
  • Effective control of mid-frequency surface ripple
  • Form TalySurf surface prefilometry
  • Custom null testing for a wide range of applications