Manufacturing & Assembly

Whether you are thinking about outsourcing some or all of your production of a particular optical system or component, II-VI Optical Systems can work with you to meet your project’s specification and verification needs. We collaborate with your product development team from initial concept through prototype development all the way to full-scale production to deliver comprehensive turnkey solutions.

Timely delivery and cost-effective production are key factors to our success.

II-VI Optical Systems' turnkey solutions include:

  • Concurrent engineering
  • Prototype verification
  • Product qualification
  • Production readiness
  • Production cell design
  • Lean manufacturing



II-VI Optical Systems is a leading manufacturer of visible and IR optical components. Manufacturing processes include: CNC milling, spherical generating, fine grinding, CNC spherical and aspheric polishing, edging, and single point diamond turning. The techniques used for these operations range from high-speed automated production to meticulous hand finishing by master opticians.

II-VI Optical Systems utilizes 5-axis CNC milling capability to provide custom, multi-dimensional shapes of fabricated optical components for integration into custom frames and shroud sub-assemblies. Our inventory of standard and custom diamond tools provides capability to shape all glass and crystal materials.

Materials processed include:

  • Aluminum
  • AMTIR™
  • Barium Fluoride
  • Calcium fluoride
  • Gallium Arsenide
  • Germanium
  • IG2-IG6 materials
  • Sapphire
  • Silicon
  • Silicon Carbide
  • Spinel
  • Transparent ceramic materials
  • Zinc selenide
  • Zinc sulfide
  • Zinc sulfide MultiSpectral
  • All visible glass types
  • Various other infrared crystals