II-VI Optical Systems' Assembly area is equipped with all levels of NIR & IR optical assemblies.  The Assembly group has experience in  opto-mechanical, and various opto-electronic assemblies ranging from simple to complex configurations.  II-VI Optical Systems can build assemblies to print, refine a current optical design to a provide a more cost effective / manufacturable solution, or design an assembly based on a Statement of Work (SOW).  The Assembly team utilizes class 1,000 / class 10,000 clean room space and is geared toward defense based industries. 

Bonding / Assembly Techniques

II-VI Optical Systems performs various types of optical bonds on various types of materials.  II-VI Optical Systems is proficient in optical contacting, UV cure bonds, various adhesives, and chemically activated bonds just to name a few of the techniques. 

II-VI Optical Systems has a chemically activated bond process called the V-LOCK Bonding process.   This process is superior to other processes with its ability to bond similar and multiple dissimilar materials together (something other processes don’t offer). 


II-VI Optical Systems will utilize the appropriate techniques depending on your application.  Below are some examples of types of bonded assemblies II-VI Optical Systems provides routinely.

Beamsplitter Cubesassemblies-1.jpg
Dissimilar Materialsassemblies-3.jpg

Product Experience:

  • Opto/mech Assemblies
  • Electro/optical sub
  • Window Assemblies
  • Null Lens Assemblies
  • Doublets, Triplets
  • Eye piece Assemblies
  • Mirror mount Wedge Assemblies
  • Rifle Scopes
  • Prism Assemblies
  • Assemblies Binocular Assemblies
  • Reflector Assemblies
  • Led Assemblies
  • Aspherical lens Assemblies
  • Beam Combiners
  • Reticle Assemblies